Law Enforcement Sales - Oak Ridge, TN  
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Here are a few services Law Enforcement Sales offers...

Firearm sales and service - Law Enforcement Sales is a dealer for several large firearm distributors.  Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to check with our distributors for pricing and availability.  In stock items can be procured as soon as next day. With law enforcement AR15/M16 style firearms being our specialty, stripped semi and select fire receivers are kept in stock for immediate rifle or pistol build platforms.  We can sell a stripped lower all the way through to a complete firearm. 

Along side our normal firearms distributor affilications, Law Enforcement Sales proudly maintains reseller/dealer status for parts through complete firearms with CMMG, Brownells, Spike's Tactical and Tactical Innovations. New partnerships are being created weekly with your best in industry vendors and manufacturers.

Transfers - Law Enforcement Sales can facilitate both incoming and outgoing Title 1 and Title 2 (NFA) firearm transfers.  Our transfer fees are $30 for title 1 and $45 for title2/NFA. If you're purchasing a firearm from out of state, we'll be happy to help with the transfer.  Just call and let us know who the seller is and if they do not already have copies of our FFL or SOT, we'll work with them to get your gun in.

Shop Services - Law Enforcement Sales has computerized CNC controlled milling and lathe machines used on its premise.  If it can't be ordered, we can attempt to make it ourselves.  Whether it's simple repairs or complex part creation, it can be done on premise.  We can use your part's existing CAD/CAM files or create new versions using our CAD/CAM software suite.

  • Shortening Of Barrels - Lathe cut and thread/rethread/crowned, etc... Note, any barrel length shorter than 16" on a rifle or 18" (shotgun) makes the weapon fall into a title 2/NFA category (see NFA Title 2 Page).

  • Threading Of Barrels - Law Enforcement Sales can thread or rethread your existing barrel to just about any thread pitch the barrel will support. Whether for a suppressor or flash hider, we can accommodate your needs.

  • Custom AR15/M16 Barrel Contours.  Using 1" button pulled barrel blanks, we can create and contour a barrel to your specifications.

Custom AR builds - Custom barrel lengths from 7.3" through 24" bull barrels. Patrol Rifles, Entry Weapons, Varmit or Zombie Slayers, you name it, if it's on the black rifle platform, we can do it. 

Refinishing services - Law Enforcement Sales can refinish your firearm. We professionally deploy Dura-Coat and Gun Kote products.  Your weapon will be bead blasted before refinishing to remove any material which could interfere with the coating process.  Law Enforcement Sales recommends coating your upper and lower receiver (AR type weapon) at the same time to assure simulataneous color match with both.  Different temperatures, product/hardener mixtures and air pressure will affect the final color when cured.  We can disassemble and reassemble your complete firearm if you're not comfortable with doing so. 

Post Sample Select Fire Machine Guns, Patrol/Entry Rifles, Suppressors and Shotguns - Sheriff and Police departments, we can convert your existing patrol rifles or build a brand new custom weapon. See the NFA Title 2 page for more details.

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